The complete book of spells ceremonies and magic


    This book is far more than a historical survey of magical techniques throughout the world. It is the most complete book of spells, ceremonies, and magic ever. The Complete Book of Spells, Ceremonies, & Magic [Migene Gonzalez-Wippler] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Complete Book of Spells, Ceremonies and Magic book. Read 11 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. This book is far more than a hist.

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    The Complete Book Of Spells Ceremonies And Magic

    This book is far more than a historical survey of magical techniques throughout the world. It is the most complete book of spells, ceremonies. Complete Book of Spells, Ceremonies & Magic By Migene Gonzalez-Wippler This book is far more than a historical survey of magical techniques throughout the. Results 1 - 30 of 55 Complete Book of Spells, Ceremonies and Magic by Gonzalez-Wippler, Migene and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles.

    It is the most complete book of spells, ceremonies, and magic ever assembled. It is the spiritual record of humanity. Topics in this book include magical spells and rituals from virtually every continent and every people. The spells described are for love, wealth, success, protection, and health. Also examined are the theories and history of magic, including its evolution, the gods, the elements, the Kabbalah, the astral plane, ceremonial magic, famous books of magic, and famous magicians.

    This is an amazing cross-cultural compendium of magic, theory, ritual, spells and lore.

    If you do magic, it will give you new directions and techniques that can advance and enhance what you do. If you would like to know about magic, this book presents the subject from the viewpoint of not only a scholar, but a practitioner. And for people interested in native cultures around the world, this book is also an invaluable resource.

    In these pages you will learn all of the basics of magic, from meditation and astral projection to evocation of spirits. It covers methods of divination and the Kabbalah as well as folk magic spells for health, wealth, prosperity and romance. I highly recommend this book. If you are a magician it simply must be among your collection of books. I know you will refer to is frequently. Get this book to advance your knowledge and your magic! These ceremonial magic traditions take directly out of Jewish mysticism and appropriates them.

    The problem lies in that the author does not question or point out any of this. Nothing in this book talks about the fact that there are a lot of ceremonial magicians who were directly antisemitic, including ones that this author uses or talks about. The author happily talks about Kabbalah as just another resource in the wheel house for ceremonial magic and magic in general.

    This is something that the author often comes back to, time in and time again throughout the book. Which was murdering people. I would also like to comment on the fact that there is weird sexual material.

    Associating sex with primarily a heterosexual adventure, which sexual penetration is required.

    The Complete Book of Spells, Ceremonies and Magic

    In some cases, the author directly talks about women in such a way as to make me uncomfortable. In the initiation section, the author makes the initiate, who is a woman, a timid scared person. The author spends a lot of time describing the placement of a knife which is pointed at a woman's chest, as between her breasts.

    There are other examples of the author almost erotically writes women in certain roles a part of the ceremonies.

    The tone is weird, what is being focused on is weird, it's all weird. Another thing that does bother me, in general about this book, is much of it is a reprint of other people's material with no commentary on the rituals themselves.

    It is entirely one thing to have a full discussion about why a particular ritual is being done and for what purposes, and what types of paradigms were being used. Or spellwork, it doesn't have to be rituals. It is another thing to basically re-purpose other people's materials without adding anything new to those materials.

    If I can sit here and see that you are not providing any commentary or even reasoning why you've published a particular ritual over the many other rituals that exist in the world, then what was the point in showing me these rituals. More importantly, if they were just to be something that someone can look at, as an example, put that into an appendix and reference it. Even the divination portion of this book is not safe. It filled with lists of dream meanings, tarot card meanings, and other forms of divination and their particular meanings for different things.

    The complete book of spells, ceremonies and magic / by Migene González-Wippler - Details - Trove

    There is no additional information that the author is providing, it is just a bunch of different things which have been slapped together.

    There's not even a guide about how to put tarot cards down into layout, which I have seen in other books. There is almost no attempt at providing more contextual information beyond just the lists of meanings of things. Finally, as a pet peeve this book does not have a good definition of what witchcraft is due to what looks like some forceful discussions about Alex Sanders.

    The author conflates Wicca and Witchcraft as the same item. I can't help but wonder if this is just a result of the time that the book was originally published. It could be that the author did not have access to much of the refutation that occurred against M.

    Murray's debunked work on the Witch Cults of Europe. A lot of the examples, especially the pictures are directly out of what looks like an Alexanderian ritual. It's interesting because Alexanderian often does not get to stand in the front of other Gardnerian derived traditions, but still. It is not ultimately what Witchcraft as a whole, and does not give a good idea of how witchcraft can differ from practice to practice.

    There are a lot of other things which I did not cover here in this review, because this already was a tiresome book to review. There were definitely a couple fake factoids that I had to actually research such as the Mummy on page 27 and using Freud and Jung as principal resources on modern psychology on page 9. Even to the point where Yoga was dragged into this. Likewise there were clearly some things which were not mental illness friendly.

    All in all the book itself seemed to just be meant to be used as a reference book for the purely curious. Even the author said themselves that they did not want this to be a grimoire or some book that seemed like a how to book. Apr 16, The Elves rated it liked it. As a general overview of magick, this book is not bad, however, the author does not always have her facts correct. She also gives incorrect instructions for how to derive an I Ching using coins, and she states that the ancient Celts made yearly sacrif As a general overview of magick, this book is not bad, however, the author does not always have her facts correct.

    She also gives incorrect instructions for how to derive an I Ching using coins, and she states that the ancient Celts made yearly sacrifices to the Goddess Artemis. Artemis was a Greek goddess so we find this questionable, although surely they made offerings to their own goddess who was similar to Artemis.

    She is also prone to making broad, generalized statements about magick and magicians that sometimes border on the ridiculous. She says unequivocally that all magicians everywhere recognize Earth, Water, Air and Fire as the four elements of magic, failing to point out that the ancient Chinese believed in five elements of Earth, Wood, Metal, Fire and Water.

    What makes this so silly is that in the very next section after this declaration of the Universal belief in four elements, she begins to speak of the elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether, with no explanation at all relative to her earlier claim.

    She does point out, quite correctly, that Crowley sometimes put spurious data in his works to trick the uninitiated. Migene Gonzalez-Wippler does the same thing only without realizing she is doing so.

    A System of Divination for Star Enchanters. Aug 11, David Acevedo rated it it was amazing. Now, now Her approach is this book is purely scholarly, although one can already see glimpses of what her career as a spiritual bogus will become. Still, this book, from a completely encyclopaedic perspective, is an asset for any atheist in training.

    And as such, it's awesome. This book thoroughly discusses the cultural history of magic as well as going in to specific magical rituals and spirituality. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in magic lore, as it actually dicusses the magical rites and rituals in a more serious straight to the point tone rather than coming off as "cheesy" and "child-like," as if not taking the study of magic as a serious study.

    May 07, Jen rated it it was ok Recommends it for: I had to stop reading this book halfway through. She was so egregiously wrong about Wicca that it cast the rest of the book in doubt for me. It was painful. It's a real shame, because she is very knowledgeable on other topics. Apr 22, luciddreamer99 rated it it was ok. There are various observances around the world, including lectures and other We all want love in our lives, and it's about time we enhance our body's frequency to attract the love vibes we want and deserve!

    Complete Book Spells, Ceremonies & Magic

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    Magickal Diary A record each magician keeps of his or her magical workings. It should include such things as date, time, moon phase, weather, your emotions at the start, your physical condition, name of the rituals Theosophical Reduction In numerology, interpretations are generally based on single digits.


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