Join the conversation within a community of over million tech enthusiasts. There is something for everyone. M PL. HELP!. Join the conversation within a community of over million tech enthusiasts. There is something for everyone. Digit is an Indian monthly technology magazine published by Media. The same survey results suggest that it is the most read technology magazine in India, higher than even the combined readership of its peers (e.g., Chip, PC Quest, T3, etc.). It is circulated in India, Nepal.

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    E W ho loves wires? No, there is no -philia word for wires, we checked. One of the biggest culprits are charging cables. Almost everyone in the industry has tried their hand at innovating the same MagSafe, Micro-USB and even type-C, until the actual solution was finally upon us - wireless charging. Even that is hardly popular right now with few consumer devices actually supporting it. Why is that the case? Is there something wrong with how it has come to be? He envisioned a plan to transmit electricity around the world wirelessly using the ionosphere as a conductor. Eventually, with wireless electricity transmisinvestment dried up in and the sion using inductive and capacitive project had to be abandoned. The same team realised distance. Because most of the electronic devices we owned were not intended to be portable. They were firmly rooted in our homes and offices, comfortably plugged into a power supply.

    With its own version expected only in , multiple partners will be able to offer Steam Boxes in the meanwhile. Buzz Its rumoured that the new Playstation 4 from Sony will have biometrics and a touch screen integrated on the controller. The company showcased many unique interface features for same time consuming comparatively lower battery power and it will house the Adreno GPU. The Snapdragon will run four Krait cores up to 2. Nvidia Tegra 4 The Tegra 4 is being touted as the rst commercial implementation of ARMs quad-core, cortex A15 architecture and shall be seen in smartphones, tablets and notebooks.

    Codenamed Wayne before launch, it has 72 Nvidia GPU cores, delivering roughly six times the GPU horsepower seen on the Tegra 3; along with a quad-core processor and a fth low power core for minimising battery use in idle state as was seen in Tegra 3. The four cores engine, which will deliver 2x the performance of the Z Huaweis 6.

    The device is powered by a 1. It runs on Android 4. The device will be available in China in February in crystal black and pure white colours. The tablet boasts of a 7-inch display with a x pixel resolution. Nvidia Project Shield - Apart from unveiling the Tegra 4 at CES, Nvidia had some other its technology, such as an edge display, a foldable book-like tablet that turns into a phone, and more. While Youm technology will not be making it to consumer tech very soon, it is exciting to see the major brands taking such interest in the nextgeneration of interfaces.

    Qualcomms New Snapdragon Generation Qualcomm announced a refresh for its line-up of Snapdragon systemon-chips, saying it would retire the S1, S2, S3 and S4 series of mobile chips, and release a new family of chips rechristened as - Snapdragon , Snapdragon , Snapdragon and Snapdragon The Snapdragon and will represent the high-performance chips whereas the Snapdragon and will be seen in low-end budget mobile devices.

    Snapdragon will be running four Krait cores clock speeds going up to 1. It also supports HDR photography. These Bay Trail Atom processors should start shipping in devices from later this year. Capable of being arranged as a tablet, it also folds out into a game pad and ip screen. The nal form and feature set of the commercial version has yet to be decided. A part of the ecosystem required for crossdevice gaming is Nvidia Grid, also announced at the event.

    The Panasonic FZ-G1 pounds, so denitely not portable, yet can serve from room to room. The AIO features the touch-optimized Aura interface that automatically comes up when you drop the screen to a horizontal position.

    The high resolution displays shown off by LG include a The Kingston HyperX Predator ash drive is housed in a zinc alloy casing that is highly shock-resistant. Pebble Watch One of the most exciting accessories to come out CES , a gadget in its own right, was the Pebble watch.

    It features an e-paper backlit at night display and buttons that act as a control and notication interface for iPhone and Android devices, using Bluetooth for connectivity. It can also be used as a bike computer and pedometer. Battery ed that users can connect a Windows 8 computer in order to take advantage of Microsofts Windows 8 touchscreen capabilities.

    ViewSonic also showed off a prototype inch 4K monitor, which is expected to hit store shelves by the end of the year. Untethered battery life is supposed to be two hours. It is exceptionally heavy, at 18 a resolution of x LG also showed off a 7-inch display with a x resolution, and a 5.

    The wow factor doesnt just stop at its mind-boggling storage capacity. It is expected to hit store shelves by April. The touchscreen also includes USB ports for hooking up a keyboard and mouse.

    Top 10 Best Budget Tablets in India

    Under the hood, a Tegra 3 processor powers the device. The camera can be taken up to 50 feet deep under water and can withstand drops from heights of upto 6 feet. The ruggedized body also serves to protect the TG-2 against the elements and freezing temperatures as low as Celsius wouldnt have any effect on the camera.

    We take a look at some of them Of Lumias, Ascends and Xperia Zs We bring you the latest news from Consumer Electronics Show, which surprisingly saw few smartphone launches. Are phone-makers waiting for MWC? Further along these pages, you will nd our review of the Finnish manufacturers agship.

    The BlackBerry 10 leaks kept coming of course, and at the time of writing, we were still awaiting the BB10 OS and device launch on January 31 head on over to thinkdigit. Moving sideways, two new entrants have made their motives plain in the smartphone operating system battleeld Mozilla has announced developer models for its mobile Firefox OS, and Canonical has also declared similar intentions for powering mobile devices with Ubuntu from Samsung has also said it plans to release the rst Tizen phones this year.

    Lumia and Lumia The Lumia , designed with a polycarbonate shell, comes with a 8. The rear camera features oating lens technology, for optical image stabilization OIS. Read our review for more details. The 9. It also has a smaller 1, mAh battery thats rated to deliver up to 14 hours of talktime, and hours of standby time. The Lumia was also showcased at the Lumia and launch event. Nokias Lumia is a 3.

    Nokia has also conveniently added a microSD card slot that supports up to 64GB of storage. The budget device is due to hit shelves in February. It also sports a mAh battery. The device is expected to launch rst in China, in late-January. Under the hood is a 1.

    It isnt supermodel thin, at 0. At the time of writing, the device has already launched in China. Sony says that the earliest the phone will hit the markets globally is March The Xperia ZL will only hit select markets. The Xperia Z also has waterproof capabilities, up to a depth of 1 metre. The Xperia Z has glass panels on the back and the front, along with plastic covers for all ports on the spines.

    The device is expected to launch rst in the Chinese market, in February. The D2 has Huaweis K3V2 1. It has a whopping Tt Bigwater Pro Thermaltake added the Bigwater Pro a new liquid cooler to their CPU cooler arsenal BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Replacing its Mobile Fusion brand, BlackBerry has launched its BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 which is now available for download for businesses Evolving digital frontiers Changes are constant and adaptation is the name of the game as the Internet grows in size and complexity part from regular updates from the usual players, weve had reason to celebrate, as the Internet turned 30 in January, beginning to mature into a more evolved entity.

    It is still nding its feet under the frenetic mass of ever-burgeoning social media interaction however, whilst withstanding the onslaught of censorship policies and cyberattacks at the same time. History notes that this change was not easy, as many operators resisted going from an already working system to something that was just a standard in text.

    With those humble beginnings, the Internet has grown into an entity that is now an integral part of everyones lives. While it may be entirely possible to live a day or two without the internet, it is hard to imagine a life without it. Launched in the beta version at the moment, Graph Search is available to limited users, and will be rolled out slowly across the board.

    The Graph Search results focus on four core points people, places, photos and interests. Facebook can easily create these results after it spent quite a few years urging users to upload information, interests and photographs to their prole online. The premise of people search works on both types of queries Facebook Graph Search Logo Facebook Graph Search Photo Search Facebook unveils Graph Search Facebook in January announced a new search engine on its social networking web site, making search results more relevant to you on a social scale.

    Data accu20 Digit February www. An direct people search example given by Facebook is people named Chris who are friends of Lars and went to Stanford. Alternatively, you could do a generic search like My Friends who live in New Delhi. Apart from direct people related search, you could search for interests that you may have. Apart from the people search, the photo search is surely going to see the privacy brigade go up in arms.

    With this, Google must be worried. Photographs uploaded on Facebook will be found on Facebook, like they always have been. With Graph Search, the process is more varied in terms of how you search and more streamlined in terms of the results that you get. With location search, if you happen to be travelling to a city you do not know a lot about, you could search for bars in Liverpool liked by people who live in Liverpool.

    This is something that could worry the likes of Foursquare and TripAdvisor, because localised ratings, reviews and knowledge about places is what they bank on. Interestingly, Facebook has tied up with Microsoft to provide Bing search results for the queries it may not have answers to. Heavily cloud connected? While announcing the new Graph Search feature, Facebook revealed its users have uploaded staggering billion photos and created 1 trillion connections on the network to date.

    On an average, a normal Facebook user would have uploaded more than pics and made a thousand connections.

    The staggering feat comes months after Facebook announced in October that the company had gone past the 1 billion active users mark. The social networking as a service is also now believed to the most popular online ever. Like who?

    A recent study by the University of Warwick and UC San Diego has shown that people remember posts that they have seen on Facebook a lot easier than they do names, faces, or even information they read in a book.

    The study suggests the gossipy nature of the conversations that happen on the social networking web site make it easier to remember than something that is written in a more formal and informative manner. Abrams is rumoured to be directing the forthcoming Star Wars movie. Modern technologies allow written language to return more closely to the casual, personal style of preliterate communication.

    And this is the style that resonates, and is remembered. The report goes on to say, In the rst two experiments, participants memory for Facebook posts was found to be strikingly stronger than their memory for human faces or sentences from booksa magnitude comparable to the difference in memory strength between amnesiacs and healthy controls.

    The second experiment suggested that this difference is not due to Facebook posts spontaneously generating social elaboration, because memory for posts is enhanced as much by adding social elaboration as is memory for book sentences. Our ndings might not seem so surprising when one considers how important both memory and the social world have been for survival over humans ancestral history. We learn about rewards and threats from others. So it makes sense that our minds would be tuned to be particularly attentive to the activities and thoughts of people and to remember the information conveyed by them.

    Respondents admitted they were frustrated and envious after visiting the social networking web site. The study noted users who browsed Facebook without participating in any sort of active conversations are the most affected by such negative feelings. Friends vacation photos on social the networking site is among the top reasons for the frustration, the study found. Such negative feelings can frequently cause users to work up their Facebook prole and boast about recent successes to compete with friends.

    This however, causes jealousy among other users, which researchers dub as the envy spiral. Google Asia Servers Internet users in India and other Asian nations will soon experience Googles services such as web search and YouTube streaming at about 30 percent faster speeds as the tech giants new data centres installed in Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong are slated to go operational this year.

    According to an Economic Times report, Lalitesh Katragadda, country head, India products at Google, notes web connectivity speed in India isnt very high. These data centres will be crucial to this market due to its proximity, he adds.

    The Google official admitted that several Google services including its video sharing site YouTube and video conferencing service Google Hangouts werent accessible at optimal speeds in the country right now. A report from web-based content delivery rm Akamai Technologies says India is at the th position globally in internet speed. India is among the largest markets for Google with the nation having more than million users. More people from India are coming online every day and this is an important market as Google looks to bring the next one billion online, Katragadda added.

    We plan to invest disproportionately in India in the coming months and years. This comes on what is the rst anniversary of his arrest on charges of racketeering linked to the now defunct Megaupload. The network has already clocked 1 million registered users within 1 day of the service being rolled out for users globally. Dotcom stated that his lawyers had examined the new network thoroughly and is condent that it complies with all security and anti-piracy norms.

    Every le uploaded by a user will be encrypted and there are enhanced levels of privacy for uploaded and stored content. Mega, just like Megaupload. As per the announcement, there are two methods of signing up for the Mega service.

    The free account offers 50GB storage, with the full gamut of sharing capabilities. It is interesting to note that the free option offers more than what the likes of Dropbox and Skydrive offer, and additionally, Mega also offers the similar convenience of the drag and drop upload tools. Unfortunately, soon after launch in mid-January, the service was unreliable, and people have been unable to log in the system easily. Kim Dotcom tweeted that he apologizes for the poor service quality as his servers where not prepared to handle such trafc for the start-up.

    Chrome 25 beta The beta version of Googles web browser for Windows has been released with the Web Speech API, letting users control more than just search, with voice commands.

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    The browser is currently available for Windows users. Announcing it, Google said, Using your voice to search on your computer or phone is handy, but theres so much more you can do with voice commands. Imagine if you could dictate documents, have a freestyle rap battle, or control game characters with your browser using only your voice.

    With todays Chrome Beta release, this future is closer than you think. Apart from the voice control feature, Chrome 25 will bring in security and performance enhancements for all extensions, a new search and tab page and better HTML5 support. Facebook envy German researches have come up with a new study that reveals social media envy is a real thing and is leaving people with negative feelings such as loneliness, frustration and even anger.

    The study goes on to say the social media envy is making people feel less satised with 22 Digit February www. Nirbhaya, Fight Back and more January saw a lot of womens safety apps gain publicity. In response to the need of the hour, app developers have come out with innovative apps which can be used by women in distress. While we saw some brand new apps launched in the last month, there were some apps which got much deserved recognition as the issue of womens safety was on every responsible citizens mind.

    You can assign different groups for different sorts of emergencies. For instance for family emergencies, you group can have close family members; for accidents you can have local hospitals on your list and so on.

    The message is sent along with the users current location. The app is thankfully free of cost. The users last known location is sent via SMS or email to her well-wishers who can then take the necessary action. It is an app which allows you to both ask for help as well as offer help in case of a natural disaster. At the moment it is only available in the US, but we should see Microsoft expanding support to other countries soon. We also explore how the dinosaurs actually met their end.

    OSIRIS-REx discovers water on Bennu The spacecraft on a sample return mission to the asteroid has identified signs of hydroxyls - atoms of oxygen and hydrogen that are bonded together - in water bearing clay minerals all over the asteroid. The hydrated minerals are actually a part of the asteroid, and have not been deposited there by an impactor. The excercise has raised ethical concerns. There were problems with acquiring consent, they did not execute the editing well, and there is no way to say if it was a successful operation.

    Digit Magazine

    During this run, the collision of two neutron stars was detected. Three additional black hole mergers were detected during the second run.

    Now, scientists combing through the Smallest 3D transistor Researchers from MIT have produced the smallest transistor yet, at half the price of commercial models. The new method modifies a semiconducting substrate on an atom by atom basis. The technology can be used to make smaller and more efficient electronics. One of these is the biggest known black hole merger, in a collision that occurred nine billion light years away.

    The gravitational waves from the event was detected on 29 July, , and is officially designated as GW New research indicates the extinction was caused by a period of global warming due to a series of massive volcanic eruptions in Sibera. Aditya Madanapallle aditya digit.

    However, this solution usually tends to be an expensive one since a significant boost in performance can only be obtained by upgrading one or both of your primary components including the CPU and graphics card.

    What do you do when you want a slight performance boost to ensure that you can continue using the same hardware for a few more months or even an entire year? Or maybe you want better performance from your existing hardware than what it offers? Your answer is overclocking. Quite a common practice in the enthusiast PC building community, overclocking can either be your best friend or your worst enemy.

    In the following stories, we will try to ensure that overclocking becomes your best friend and continues to be one. Manufacturers will always ship the components at a fixed stock clock speed. And when you overclock those components, you try to hit a higher clock speed while trying to maintain stability.

    In simpler terms, your components will run faster than what the manufacturer had intended them to. You need to check if overclocking your component will void your warranty or not. Overclocking can potentially damage your components.

    You could have your own reasons for overclocking your components. If you overclock your CPU, you will notice an increase in performance with better responsive and faster load speeds.

    Some of the areas where you will observe a substantial boost in performance is in rendering and editing videos. Overclocking them means boosting the clock speeds in order to churn out An overclocked PC will give you an incredible performance boost www.

    The patient had been coughing up small blood clots over a period of a few days. While extremely rare, this kind of thing has been documented to have happened before.

    In , a patient coughed up a cast of the trachea with both the bronchi attached, and in , another patient had coughed up a smaller bronchial tree cast. He coughed up this blood clot, in its entirety. This is a blood clot that represents a network of tubes that ferries air to and from the lungs.

    The network of tubes was so well preserved in the blood clot, that the medical practitioners were able to recognise which part of the body it originated from just by looking at the structure of the tubes and their orientation. The doctors who treated the patient are not entirely sure how the blood clot survived in its entirety, Bear repellent accident at Amazon Warehouse A robot at an Amazon Fulfilment Center in New Jersey accidentally punctured a can of bear repellent.

    The repellent is made up of capsaicin extract, which is what makes capsicums spicy. The repellent was exposed to the human workers at the warehouse, which caused 50 of them to fall sick, and 24 had to be hospitalised.

    This is not even the first time there has been a bear repellent accident at an Amazon workplace. Earlier SA Start off with a quick guide to the most popular cinema filming formats, some being championed by leading filmmakers of today. Then dive straight into the history of amateur radio. Parrot befriends Alexa A bad mouthed parrot has found a best friend in Alexa. The parrot, named Rocco, uses the smart speaker to play songs and order treats.